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Category: Basics

Epicurus. Lucretius. Voltaire. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Ludwig Wittgenstein. John Searle. Sufism. William Shakespeare. Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela. William of Occam. Terry Winograd. Kurt Vonnegut. John Dewey. John Gray. Kwame Ture. Fernando Flores. Mikhail Bulgakov. Sinan Antoon. Anonymous. Memory.

“All other things being equal” is a clause in causal logic to rule out any other not explicitly acknowledged factors or variables from the reasoning. It is a construction to simplify the model of the world that is being built Read more…

Acknowledge and face but never accept that which is wrong. Understanding precedes any action – action is understanding become active. Do not confuse explanation and excuse. Go change your life. Make this world a better place.