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Roland Kinket

Director of Professional Services – Tibco (Cloud Software Group) 

Working wit Ralph over the last 5+ years has been an absolute pleasure. Accurate, timely, complete, pro-active, honest, knowledgeable, professional, transparant, respectfull: all of this comes together when Ralph is assuming responsibility of projects. He calls himself ProjectDoctor and that is exactly what he shows in practice. It has been an honour and a pleasure to have Ralph as part of my team and hope to get the opportunity to continue to work together for a long time to come. [2023]


Siebe Talma

Director of Middleware and Business related architecture – Coty Inc. 

Ralph has remarkable self-control and calmness, even in very hectic situations or when he is approached agressively. On several occasions, when other PMs found it difficult to keep their heads cool when interacting with certain stakeholders, we have sent in Ralph. He is very flexible in working times when the project needs it. His command of English is excellent, which is very important in our international work environment. [2020]


Lalo Ivanov

Senior Integration Consultant

I had the opportunity to work with Ralph in the course of several joint integration projects he was leading. His ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously is extraordinary – he is not only keeping track on everything that’s happening, he is using his smart and analytic thinking to keep moving in the right direction of implementing decent integration solutions. Ralph is a man with nice sense of humor even during tough and turbulent times. He has the natural ability to make employees feel comfortable and leaving them focused on their daily tasks. I will be happy to work with him again in future projects. [2020]


Sheryl Hardin

Change Management Consultant | Business Advisor | Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Seminar Leader

I have only rarely gotten to work with someone as talented as Ralph. I had the pleasure of working with him on the fast-paced high-energy global acquisition of P&G Beauty by Coty as a part of the integration delivery PMO team. Ralph was able to reach out across many cultures and time zones to bring together the data and statistics so key to successful global reporting of status and risk. He was equally efficient and effective working with subordinates, peers, and higher level management. I would happily work with Ralph again anywhere in the world. [August 2018]


Kalyan Balasubramanian

Project/Program Mgmt,APAC- Enterprise Solutions & Applications | Solution Architecture | Integration | BPM | Technology Delivery

I have worked closed with Ralph in Coty Project (merger between Coty and P&G Beauty business) and this was BIG global project with high complexity with the critical timelines. Ralph was the first person to receive me in Paris to join the global delivery management team, he guided me the whole process, he is a such a pleasant and jovial person to be with good sense of humor, he has strong leadership, drive and great capacity to deliver the international projects.
I learnt a lot from Ralph and he has been a full support for me in all the critical times of the APAC delivery.
It was a pleasure to have worked with him and am looking forward to work with him again. [July 2018]


Michiel Smit

Interim Program Manager Middleware at Coty ‘Project Green’

As soon as it was approved I could increase my management team, I contacted Ralph to ask him to join us, knowing he’d be the right man for the job, adding tremendous value. As such, Ralph was one of the Delivery Managers reporting to me for 12 months in Project Green at Coty (merger between Coty and Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Business). In practice, Ralph served as my first in line deputy, taking over from me when needed.
He radiates natural seniority and shows his vast experience in managing large and complex IT projects by rolling up his sleeves and doing what’s needed. Ralph does not just Talk, he Does. He has the rare ability to remain calm, polite and composed even in extremely busy, hectic and stressful circumstances. He will always go the extra mile to make it happen, regardless of time of day or night. On top of that, Ralph is a very pleasant person to be with showing a sharp sense of humor and a broad overall social interest.
If I would come in a similar situation again, Ralph would be the first person I’d contact to invite him in joining the team. Ralph makes the difference. [November 2017]


Joost de Bruijn

Managing director at DAT.Mobility, a Goudappel Company

Ralph worked for 8 months for DAT.Mobility as an interim team manager Development & Support.
Ralph addresses people in a friendly yet clear way, which made him a pleasant colleague.
In these months he was able to handle all ongoing matters, create the very much needed stability within his team and resolve a number of special issues. This was remarkable given the fact that he was not familiar with our company or our field of work when he arrived. On top of that he brought a lot of expertise regarding the management and quality assurance of software development. [April 2016]


Luc Wismans

Program Manager Smart Mobility Goudappel Group and Associate Professor University of Twente

Ralph did an excellent job as an interim manager of our software development team as well as a project manager. He showed to be a hard working, flexible and valuable team member, with broad knowledge on software development and processes. Moreover he was fast in understanding our business and as a result capable of helping us efficiently during this interim period. [November 2015]


Catarina Fagerholm

CEO, Instru optiikka Oy, Finland

Ralph is a good project leader for IT related projects. He is well organised and has very good knowledge of how to plan, run and manage major IT projects. He is constructive and realistic in his approach and is capable of keeping up a good spirit in longer projects and even under a lot of pressure. [October 2013]


Norman Hooghof

Dovetail digital integration made easy

In 2011 heb ik een korte persoonlijke training bij Ralph gevolgd met onderwerpen technische vaardigheden en soft skills op het gebied van verzamelen en vastleggen requirements, interviewtechnieken en leiden van workshops. De persoonlijke en inspirerende aanpak van Ralph is mij zeer goed bevallen en heeft een wezenlijke bijdrage geleverd aan mijn vaardigheden. Het getrainde (m.n. Quality Function Deployment) heb ik direct in de praktijk kunnen brengen. Daarnaast geeft de training prima aanleidingen voor het ontdekken van nieuwe kennis. Bovenal waren het leuke dagen en heeft Ralph me nog e.e.a. bijgebracht over meer traditionele architectuur, nl. de Amsterdamse school, tijdens ons flitsbezoek aan het voormalige hoofdpostkantoor aan de Neude in Utrecht. [May 2012]


Iwan Westerduin

Sr. Integratieconsultant at HybrIT B.V.

I had the pleasure of working together with Ralph when he was project manager during the startup phase of the Integration Competence Center at the ANWB.
Ralph is an extremely capable and succesful leader with excelent strategical insights, complemented by a sunny disposition and a positive attitude. He provided the team with practical advice and guidance without ever resorting to micro manangement, shielding the specialists from the political side of the project allowing them to focus on engineering.
Another role in which Ralph excels is as an technology evangelist, steering the business in the right direction to allow the project at hand to achieve maximum result. [January 2012]


Johan Kroone

Till 01-08-2017 Group Vice President Information Systems at Smurfit Kappa Group 

Ralph is a highly qualified IT and business professional with excellent brain and skills to analyze and solve complicated IT issues and he did together with his team of “Compliance First” an excellent Sarbox compliancy project within Smurfit Kappa Group. [June 2011]


André Hartman

CTO at CompLions B.V.

I have worked with Ralph for many years as colleague and – in a later environment – employed him in projects as well. Professionally we have a similar outlook in our profession, being to deliver complex project on time and on budget
He is a very good project manager but above all, a dependable project manager. Give him a project and he will do what he should do, manage it with great professionalism and minimal fuss.
‘I deliver’ should be his motto. [May 2011]


Rodney Goins

Director at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

My working experience with Ralph has been in every way positive. His ability to analyze business processes and build ICT solutions that really support core processes is noteworthy. I have dealt with a good number of professionals who claim to be able to do this, but in fact, Ralph is one of a select group of individuals who can develop a clear understanding of a business in a manner that leads to sound and functional deliverables.

Ralph is a dependable and astute individual who seems to know the very questions that need to be asked/answered in order to achieve the desired goal(s). [December 2010]


Lars Posthuma

Senior Software Engineer at CZ

Ralph was joined Operations manager when I started to work at Boardware; besides general management tasks, he was also responsible for general sales. In a period of rapid growth, Ralph managed Boardware in such a way that both clients and people within Boardware achieved our mutual, albeit sometimes opposite, goals.

Ralph is a very likable person and was fun to work with. [November 2010]


Menno Van Schaagen

Project Integration Manager at Aon Risk Solution

Ralph is a very experienced project manager with a strong focus on achieving a satisfactory project result. Both his professional attitude and his way of managing a project make him a perfect guy to work with and I would at all times recommend him for projects that include a large IT component. [August 2010]


Geert-Jan van Iersel

Sr. Project Manager

Ralph is a very, very experienced Project Manager and at his best in roaring, political environments. He is capable to get a project started from scratch in no time. He is highly appreciated by the teammembers of the projects he is leading. He is always open to other opinions and willing to listen to (new) ideas. Values are very important for him, and honesty is key for him. [April 2010]


Maxim Schoew

CEO at My Boat

Working with Ralph has been fun, instructive, innovative and above all very productive. Ralph is a very smart, quick-learning, responsible, loyal and emphatic person. I enjoyed working with him and we’ve had many achievements. One of these achievements on which I look back with great pleasure was The Worldchampionship 4GL/Case-programming 1991/1992 in Stockholm. Our team (Ralph, Ruud Noordermeer and me) won that championship and Ralph had a large part in that.
I can recommend Ralph to any organization as I’m sure that he will always be of great value. [June 2009]


Kees Blom

Finance Lead at Philips

Ralph is a highly experienced project manager and a top expert in optimizing system access processes. Ralph has proven to be able to manage complex and large projects. Ralph is a pleasant person to work with. [May 2009]


Ruud Bezemer

CFO at VWS Westgarth Ltd.

Ralph is een professional pur sang. Zijn creativiteit en gestructureerde aanpak hebben een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd bij het opzetten van de professional service activiteiten van Progress Software in Nederland. Ook nadat Ralph Progress heeft verlaten hebben we hem nog meerdere malen gevraagd een bijdrage te leveren aan projecten. Zijn succesvolle aanpak is een combinatie van goede kennis van en ervaring met de verschillende methodieken, uitstekend inzicht in bedrijfsprocessen en een gezonde dosis creativiteit.

Kortom Ralph staat garant voor een goed gemanaged project. {May 2009]


Jan Kalwij

Progress Developer bij TVH

Together with Ralph we made the change from a mill IT department to an independent supplier of an ERP application for corrugated board mills. Ralph was responsible for the ERP implementation at 3 mills. Ralph is a straight, open and reliable colleague. Ralph has a good eye for the interests off all involved parties. I would like to work again with Ralph. [May 2009]


Gerard Otten

Partner MC | Works BV ICT professional | easy to deal with | goals oriented

Ralph was a hands-on, clever consultant. Hands-on because Ralph always looked at what needed to be done to reach the desired destination and clever because Ralph used best available thinking and solutions to realise client benefits.

Managing Ralph was fairly easy – he always had a plan and when in doubt he on beforehand came back for guidance, he never needed to ask for forgiveness after his engagement.

A trustworthy, capable colleague. [May 2009]


Rinze H. Koornstra

Sales Leader

Ralph is an excellent professional, always creative in finding solutions in the projects I worked together with him. Ralph is a seasoned consultant able to demonstrate an incredible capacity to handle multiple projects and challanges at the same time. I enjoyed working with him and can highly recommend Ralf. [May 2009]


Wim Martens

CEO at Wayfare

Ralph is an experienced certified project manager. During the past 10 + years Ralph has assisted our organisation as an external project manager in several projects. Ralph is capable of keeping the right balance between customer demands and project limitations. He has a very good sense regarding the political aspects of a project. Ralph has proven to deliver in time, according to customer specifications and within budget. As an external project manager Ralph realizes he needs to keep the two clients satisfied (Customer and Progress). [May 2009]


Frans Lambi

Managing Director at Covision Management Consulting | Creates new business solutions with a vision

Ralph is a driven and enthusiastic professional senior project manager, who excells in getting things done. He is broadly interested in doing new things and taking new challenges. He is widely experienced in running large projects that encompass activities in different countries. He is open minded and very knowledgeable. Personally I enjoy to work with Ralph, he has a good sense of humour and is dedicated to create success stories. {March 2007]