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Catarina Fagerholm, CEO, Instru optiikka Oy, Finland:

“Ralph is a good project leader for IT related projects. He is well organised and has very good knowledge of how to plan, run and manage major IT projects. He is constructive and realistic in his approach and is capable of keeping up a good spirit in longer projects and even under a lot of pressure.” October 16, 2013


Johan Kroone, Group Vice-President IS, Smurfit Kappa:

“Ralph is a highly qualified IT and business professional with excellent brain and skills to analyze and solve complicated IT issues and he did together with his team of “Compliance First” an excellent Sarbox compliancy project within Smurfit Kappa Group.” June 20, 2011


André Hartman, Business Development Manager, Progress Software:

“I have worked with Ralph for many years as colleague and – in a later environment – employed him in projects as well. Professionally we have a similar outlook in our profession, being to deliver complex project on time and on budget He is a very good project manager but above all, a dependable project manager. Give him a project and he will do what he should do, manage it with great professionalism and minimal fuss. ‘I deliver’ should be his motto.” May 30, 2011


Rodney Goins, IT Manager, Rotterdam School of Management:

“My working experience with Ralph has been in every way positive. His ability to analyze business processes and build ICT solutions that really support core processes is noteworthy. I have dealt with a good number of professionals who claim to be able to do this, but in fact, Ralph is one of a select group of individuals who can develop a clear understanding of a business in a manner that leads to sound and functional deliverables. Ralph is a dependable and astute individual who seems to know the very questions that need to be asked/answered in order to achieve the desired goal(s).” December 1, 2010


Wim Martens, Manager Field Services Benelux, Progress Software:

“Ralph is an experienced certified project manager. During the past 10 + years Ralph has assisted our organisation as an external project manager in several projects. Ralph is capable of keeping the right balance between customer demands and project limitations. He has a very good sense regarding the political aspects of a project. Ralph has proven to deliver in time, according to customer specifications and within budget. As an external project manager Ralph realizes he needs to keep the two clients satisfied (Customer and Progress).” May 4, 2009


Geert-Jan van Iersel, Project Manager, Progress Software:

“Ralph is a very, very experienced Project Manager and at his best in roaring, political environments. He is capable to get a project started from scratch in no time. He is highly appreciated by the teammembers of the projects he is leading. He is always open to other opinions and willing to listen to (new) ideas. Values are very important for him, and honesty is key for him.” April 20, 2010


Frans Lambi, owner, Covision Management Consulting:

“Ralph is a professional senior project manager, who excells in getting things done. He is broadly interested in doing new things and taking new challenges. He is widely experienced in running large projects that encompass activities in different countries. Personally I enjoy to work with Ralph, he has a good sense of humour and is dedicated to create success stories.” March 16, 2007